History and vision

Since 2007, ICE Agency has been making a positive difference in the market of migrant workers with a personal and involved approach. We offer a wide range of services, and with our expert team and extensive database of motivated temporary workers, we maintain a strong position as an intermediary between people and work.



We are not just intermediates when it comes to work, we can also arrange housing because we really care about the wellbeing of our employees. In order to love your job, you also need to have a comfortable place to live. We rent out several family homes which are close to our clients.

At ICE Agency, we believe that personal contact and commitment are essential. We work with migrant workers who can often use a helping hand, advice, or sounding board. This is how we create sustainable relationships, with our employees as well as with our clients, who can rely on our expertise and personal services

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As a coordinator, I know all the faces and names of my temporary workers